Momo? Oh no!


20657010509_6ddf25fa9c_o (1).jpg
Picture by Gordon 

By: Jade King

NIAGARA UNIVERSITY, N.Y.- The creature from our nightmares is now invading the purest form of entertainment, kids television shows. Shows like “Peppa the Pig” that kids are able to stream on YouTube have been infiltrated with a disfigured woman’s face calling itself Momo. The face has bulging eyes, beak-like lips, pointed nose and stringy black hair. This is from a Japanese artist who created a half-human/ half-bird sculpture to represent a Japanese demon. The picture was then taken and spread virally. But there is a mystery for whether it degraded and fell apart or it was destroyed.

It’s been said that Momo asks children to go into their kitchen and get a knife and then cut themselves with it or to harm their parents. While finding actual proof that the Momo challenge has caused any actual suicides it has been said that in Europe, two suicides of young people have been related to Momo. There is also talk that children seeing the video have had to undergo severe counseling and Momo has become just another boogeyman that children are scared of.

But there is also talk that it is all hoax and public fear has swept it up and transformed it into something real.

Mass panic has been seen time and time again. A couple of years ago it was the clowns, everyone was scared of the creepy clowns and kids couldn’t sleep because of it. Even you go back to as far the red scare, although this is more of a real-world example. People were terrified of something because the media exploited it and in today’s age because of social media it is spread faster and broader.

But as for old Momo, it appears it is mostly a hoax but that doesn’t take away from how terrifying the face is. The reason why it is so disturbing can be explained by professionals, we as humans we cannot find a place for it, it is so unique that we don’t have a way to categorize it and also it is a human-animal hybrid so they weird gray space in between where this creature falls makes us very uncomfortable. 

It’s safe to say we are safe from Momo, but no promises on the content of your dreams.

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