Changemaker profile: Remi

By: Alyssa Gambacorta

By: Alison Chodak

NIAGARA UNIVERSITY, N.Y.- Varsity Village house two loves animals, especially the house cat: Remi. Remi is a small shorthair cat who provides comfort and affection to each person living in the house. Her official owner is Alyssa Gambacorta.

Gambacorta is a transfer student, who’s a junior and a Hospitality major. Remi has changed her life in many ways. She now has more responsibility and loves taking care of her kitty. She also loves how supportive Remi is. She is a lovely emotional support animal because college is such a hard transition. Having an animal can help in so many ways. Gambacorta loves when Remi is waiting for her to come home after classes.

The other girls also love taking care of Remi. She is always there to cuddle and she loves the attention. Remi always loves visitors and loves to play with her cat toys, especially the laser pointer. Whenever the laser pointer comes out, she runs around for hours and doesn’t stop.

Remi is full of spirit, energy and love. Anybody who meets Remi falls in love with her instantly. Gambacorta disliked cats before she got one and now she’s in love. She couldn’t imagine college life without her. Without her, she wouldn’t be yelling at a cat to stop stealing food out of the garbage or clawing on the furniture. Yes, Remi is a troublemaker, but she is a cute one.

Support animals are permitted on campus, but make sure to run it by Kelly Engert. If anyone wants to visit Remi, contact @alisonchodak on Instagram.

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