Student-leaders form new club: NUEJAC

By: Alex Bush,co-president of NUEJAC

NIAGARA UNIVERSITY, N.Y. – The Niagara University Equality, Justice, and Activism Coalition, known as NUEJAC (new-jack) was formed in the spring of 2018. The social justice clubs and organizations were brought together by Dr. David Reilly to discuss the future of their efforts on campus. That night, the students independently decided to form an organized coalition to stimulate cooperation, and thus NUEJAC was born.

NUEJAC has since been coordinating group meetings and round-table discussions amongst NU’s social justice clubs, as well as trying to re-organize social justice at NU. This semester, NUEJAC succeeded in bringing five social justice clubs under the Office of Multicultural Affairs’ umbrella and away from NUSGA regulation.

The clubs include the Muslim Student Alliance, Black Student Union, NU Alliance, Bienvenidos, and Feminism Today. This is the first step in making social justice accessible, sustainable and expandable in the long-run at NU. Since this accomplishment, NUEJAC remains committed to coordinating intersectional events between social justice organizations and expanding the reach of these programs. A grass-roots, bottom-up approach is the fundamental organizing principle of NUEJAC, and they need student engagement for any meaningful action to occur on campus.

In the future, NUEJAC hopes to see intersectionality expand beyond the clubs it’s had initial contacts with, and seeks organic and student-led initiatives to the issues we face on campus and in society. They want to see students get involved in initiatives by reaching out to and engaging with social justice clubs. To be involved is as simple as asking “what’s going on this week,” attending events or coming to one of the many social justice club meetings each month. Working together and getting engaged shouldn’t be hard, and NUEJAC wants to facilitate that.

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