Changemakers of Niagara: Kylie Stover

By: Kylie Stover

By: Alison Chodak

NIAGARA UNIVERSITY, N.Y.- Kylie Stover, a senior at Niagara University, is involved in many clubs and organizations while balancing 15-credit semesters. Her major is Special and Childhood Education with a minor in Literacy. Before coming to NU, Stover graduated from Clarence High School in 2015.

She founded the club Dance Crew and held the position of President for a few years. She is also involved in Alpha Sigma Alpha, Campus Programming Board – where she sits as co-chair on the committee – and is an Admissions tour guide. In the past, she was involved in NUFTA, Student Government (Senator), and History Forum. She is very happy with her involvement at NU and loves the community around her. Stover considers NU wonderful place to grow and to find yourself because there are a ton of opportunities to be involved in the NU community.

However, if there is one thing she would change about Niagara University, it would be the apartments. She wants to see them updated and to see better parking for students living in the apartments. Other than that, she loves everything about NU. She is very thankful for Dr. Chambers, her history professor, because he is very organized and professional. She wishes him the best.

In ten years, she hopes to have a classroom of her own in a suburban area with a husband and might want to start a family. As a senior this year, she hopes everyone will go out of there comfort zone and try something new. She also hopes people love every moment of college as much as she did and she wants students to say to themselves, “I did something really great with myself.”

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