Industry without Limits

By: Liam Cuddy

NIAGARA UNIVERSITY, N.Y.- Who is Donald Glover, and why can’t people stop talking about him? Due to his various achievements, it would only be fair to focus on one aspect of his career for this article, perhaps the aspect that is most well known, music. There could be books written on his music career alone, the influence he has had on the industry is incredible, showing everyone that there is still room for a strong story with an even stronger message in the rap industry. But he hasn’t yet released an album under his real name, instead, he uses the name “Childish Gambino”, a name which he received from a Wu Tang Klan online name generator.

His career began with “Camp,” a critically panned but fan loved album following “the boy” through his experiences with love and loss through a brief stint in a summer camp. Then there is “Because The Internet,” a dark, cryptic, experimental masterpiece that will go down as one of his best albums ever. “BTI” follows “the boy” through early adulthood as he learns about trust, friendship and tries to find meaning out of life. Things took a soulful turn with the release of “Awaken My Love,” in the fall of 2016. This album was released to mixed reviews, but still holds some undeniable favorites such as “Redbone.”

After the critical success of “AML,” Gambino disappeared for a while, but came back stronger than ever with his immediate hit, “This is America”, a catchy single with a bold music video outlining racism and social injustices in America. Gambino has since become the first rap artist to win a grammy for Record of the Year for “This is America.”

So who is Donald Glover? Where does he belong? The answer is nowhere, and that’s by design. He has broken barriers and shown people that they aren’t defined by one characteristic alone. You can be whatever you want to be, and so much more. That’s the power he has, the power to break down boundaries and treat the industry like there are no limits.

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