Changemaker profile: Sara Villnave

By: Alison Chodak

NIAGARA UNIVERSITY, N.Y. – Sara Villnave has always loved Niagara University. After graduating from Fairport High School in 1997, she decided to attend college here at NU. Before attending college, she found her role model/mentor Kyle Hargrave who taught sociology and history. She felt he was a role model to her because he is a true people-person and always finds the good in everything. She has so much to thank him for.

Her major was social sciences and she minored in social work. After graduating in 2002, she ended up marrying her college sweetheart, Matt Villnave, who now works in the IT department at NU, and had three children: Bianca (12), Mariska (10), and Fiona (8). They also adopted two beautiful dogs into their family, Quinn and Vinny.

Villnave got hired to work at Niagara University as Associate Director of Undergraduate Admissions/Event Coordinator. This past year marks 15 years of working here at NU. She knew she wanted to work here because she loves helping people and loves Niagara University, and mixing those two is a blessing. She loves working here because she loves providing access to the privilege of higher education for different students. She expressed to her daughters that not everyone, especially women, earn a higher education so students should take advantage of earning a higher education.

She expressed how NU is a big part of the community however, the university can always do more and wants to be current. She believes staying current is very important and wants to open the door to people who are creative and innovative.

Villnave hopes that the future of Niagara University is a successful one. She doesn’t think of the university, she thinks of the students. She wants the students to bloom and flourish while at NU. She wants the best for the NU students and hopes people will love this campus as much as she did.

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