Black History Month doesn’t end here: BSU highlights

By: Alex Bock

NIAGARA UNIVERSITY, N.Y. – As a Vincentian institution, Niagara University has always taken pride in equality, inclusivity and the fair treatment of all. These qualities and more were on display throughout the month of February as Niagara celebrated Black History Month.

In lower level Gallagher Center, posters illustrated the rich history of African Americans who have made great strides in a multitude of disciplines such as medicine, science and civil rights activism.

“For the Black Student Union, we’ve been involved with regular bible studies on campus,” Matt Mckenzie, treasurer of the Black Student Union, explained. “We have multiple events planned for the month of March.”

The BSU regularly hosts events on campus that discuss not only the struggles of African Americans throughout history, but also their struggles today regarding continued racial oppression, as well as how they’re portrayed in the media.

“We have two real talks being held March 7 and March 21,” Mckenzie mentioned. “Real talks are a discussion of a topic relating to the African American experience,” these include cultural appropriation and the influence of blackness in media.

Not only does the BSU discuss certain issues pertaining to race, they also regularly showcase films that display the struggles continually faced by those of color, as well as examples of African American culture.

“We have an event where we will be showing the movie ‘Detroit’ on March 22,” Mckenzie stated. “On March 1 is our ‘soul food dinner.'”

The BSU is a driving force for racial equality at Niagara University, and the events they host aim to educate NU student body of the constant endeavors faced by African Americans and enact change within the NU community.

Image courtesy of manurico; attribution 2.0 generic (CC by 2.0)

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