AAF Rundown: Spring football makes its way to the national stage

Photo by Rlauxmww18. Licensed by Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 4.0 International license.

By: Max Liebel

Usually when we think of the words football and spring, it’s usually associated with the NFL Combine and NFL Draft. All that has changed since the inaugural season of the Alliance of American Football (AAF). Now a lot of football fans maybe wondering what this league is or why it exists and there’s a few answers to that question.

The AAF is the brainchild of Bill Polian (pictured), former General Manager of the Buffalo Bills and Indianapolis Colts. It is designed as a developmental football league to help develop and get exposure for certain football players looking to make it to an NFL roster. It is comprised of eight teams: The Orlando Apollos, Birmingham Iron, Atlanta Legends, Memphis Express, San Diego Fleet, San Antonio Commanders, Salt Lake Stallions, and the Arizona Hotshots. The AAF is expected to add expansion teams within the next three years.

Bill Polian described the AAF to the USA Today as a “Feeder League to the NFL”. Similar to what the American Hockey League (AHL) is to the National Hockey League (NHL) . With a league full of underdogs, and one that’s in its first year, the AAF has a certain feel about it that many football fans haven’t had in awhile.

There’s a wholesome feeling around the AAF fan bases the fans that watch have really taken a vested interest in their chosen teams. So much so, that AAF Fantasy Football leagues have started up. All and all, its hard to say where or what this league will be but the first three weeks of AAF play have been promising. The audience and exposure on media platforms has grown and their seems to be enough here to sustain a league moving forward. One thing is for sure, football isn’t just a fall sport anymore and football lovers everywhere can be happy for that.

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