Valentine’s Day: A day about love or spending money?

By: Grace Courbis licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-2.0 Generic

By: Alison Chodak

NIAGARA UNIVERSITY, N.Y. – Most girls love being spoiled on Valentine’s Day. They dream about a secret admirer or their S.O. giving them amazing gifts. This usually costs a lot of money. Sometimes the couple stays together … however, sometimes the couple breaks up. Of course, I am a girl and I want my prince charming to give me flowers and chocolates but, I personally feel bad because red roses are really expensive on Valentine’s Day. Honestly, I’d rather just have a nice home cooked meal with the person you love. To me, Valentine’s Day is all about spending money; money that doesn’t need to be spent. However, couples will post on social media about what they received. Every year, I see this on Snapchat or Instagram and it’s usually the girl posting about what she received on social media.

I blame this all on celebrities. Celebrities receive these extravagant gifts. For example, David Beckham bought Victoria Beckham an $8 million necklace in 2006. Ironic, the guy is spending money on the girl, spending way too much money. Money isn’t everything in a relationship … a relationship is about trust. A relationship is about the couple, not how everyone else sees the couple. If the people are happy then let them be. Valentine’s Day is not about the money spent, it’s about how thoughtful the gift is. Yes, Valentine’s Day can be an expensive holiday, but couples can make cheap and thoughtful gifts instead.

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