Podcasts: a hidden treasure

By: Liam Cuddy

NIAGARA UNIVERSITY, N.Y. – Podcasts are what seems to be one of the newer, more prominent mediums when it comes to gathering information in these modern times. Whether you are into pop culture, politics, cooking, reviews, meditation and everything in between… there is a podcast for you. For those who aren’t familiar, podcasts are essentially recorded audio files that depict a conversation between two or more people, or an informative lecture or story told from a certain viewpoint.

Podcasts usually come in the form of a “season.” Though there is no limit as to how many can be produced or shared. Here are some interesting options to look out for if you’re interested!

There’s no better way than to start your day with some “Serial.” “Serial” is a podcast that just premiered its third season. It chronicles a journalist as she delves into a murder case that took place almost 20 years ago. As we begin to hear more and more about the circumstances surrounding the murder of a young highschool girl, we begin to doubt whether or not the actual criminal is the one who was sentenced, and if the justice system put an innocent boy behind bars.

For those who love their celebrities, I highly recommend “Armchair Expert with Dax Shepard.” “Armchair Expert” is a show ran by Dax Shepard and his co-host Monica Padman. Every week the duo brings on a new celebrity guest to interview and chat with about how they got their big break, and how fame wasn’t exactly what they thought it would be. It is a show that really reveals the messiness of being human, and manages to be informative, humorous and heartwarming at the same time.

If anyone is looking for more of a deeper, philosophical take on things, look no further! “Waking Up with Sam Harris” is all you’ll ever need. Sam Harris is an american author, philosopher and neuroscientist who focuses heavily on politics, religious beliefs and meditation to achieve mindfulness. Not to mention, he has one of the most calming, serene voices in the game. Highly recommend for anyone who is trying to experience something new.

Lastly, but certainly not least, “The Moth.” The Moth radio hour is a very unique, very real gift to the podcast community. “The Moth” is made up of everyday people who want to share their stories. These stories range from getting arrested, to finding a long lost sibling, to filing divorce papers in court. But every story comes with a very emotional core that touches everyone in such a way. The Moth reminds us all that we are human, and that we all make very human mistakes, and have very human triumphs.

In closing, podcasts have a little something for everyone, and it’d be a shame to let such a rich, educational experience go untouched. Check it out and see what interests you. There are hundreds of thousands of hours in audio uploaded all over the internet and on select apps such as Audible and the iTunes podcast app.

Oh, and did I mention they are all 100% free?

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