NU gives back with Adopt-A-Family

By Alize Rosado

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NIAGARA UNIVERSITY N.Y. – As the days get colder, Niagara students’ hearts get a little warmer. With the holiday season fast approaching Campus Ministry is doing their annual Adopt-A-Family program which gives Christmas gifts to local families in need.

Niagara University and Campus Ministry work closely with Summit Life, a crisis pregnancy center that families regularly visit. These families can fill out forms which are then given over to campus ministry. Students, faculty, clubs and organizations are then able to “adopt” a family for the holiday season and buy them Christmas gifts.

Gifts can range anywhere from toys for children, to gloves and coats, to pots and pans for parents. All gifts are dropped back off to Campus Ministry and then brought to Summit Life. Groups are asked to wrap the parents’ gifts, but leave the children’s gifts unwrapped so parents can still share the joy of wrapping their childrens’ Christmas presents.

Many organizations on campus will hold different fundraisers to pay for their adopt a family. The Campus Programming Board sells Make-a-Montes during the basketball game and CAs will have grilled cheese night in the towers. Each NUSGA delegation, including the cabinet, sells their own personalized item. This year the Freshman class is selling fleece blankets, Sophomores are selling bumper stickers, Seniors are selling NU tumblers and the Cabinet is selling varsity NU sweaters. The Junior delegation will be hosting a pancake night in the towers.

Others groups and organizations involved include Metz, athletic teams, and the Campus Activities Office. This year was especially unique because Campus Ministry originally ran out of families since so many groups wanted to participate.

The Adopt-A-Family program is one of NU’s events that truly embodies the Vincentian mission.

“The Adopt-A-Family program at Niagara is one of many ways that the University takes action on its commitment to economic equality and inclusion,” said sophomore Noah Hubbel. “As Vincentians, we believe every child deserves a loving Christmas.”

As the days get closer to Christmas, consider giving a little extra hope to families in need. Whether it be through Niagara University or efforts on your own spread a little extra love this holiday season.

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