Frankie’s Donuts: an NU staple

By: Katherine Snyder

NIAGARA FALLS, N.Y. – If you’ve ever seen movies about college students, you know that they love and value their hang-out spots. Whether it’s a coffee shop, a restaurant or a large gathering place on campus, you always see groups of students in various spots to hang out and do homework. Students at Niagara University typically enjoy to gather and do homework at places on-campus in the Gallagher Center or the Library. Some students also enjoy going off-campus to do their work, such as Starbucks, Orange Cat or Village Bake Shoppe, all of which are only a couple minutes away from campus. However, there is a very special spot that not many newer students may know about.

This spot is the iconic Frankie’s Donuts. Located at 717 Portage Rd. in Niagara Falls, they’re open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. They serve up freshly made donuts every day, a variety of hot drinks and bottled beverages, as well as breakfast food all day. They’re not only known for their amazing donuts, but also serve pizza, wings and other tasty finger foods.

Frankie’s has been a prime hang out spot for students at NU for years now, and older classes are hoping that the newer classes carry on the tradition of going to Frankie’s to talk with friends and enjoy a good donut and some food. Frankie’s old-time feel with their 70’s diner-style decorations brings on major nostalgia, along with an old Juke Box CD player, and TVs playing shows from the late 80’s.

The owner of the shop, Frankie, got his start over three decades ago as a teenager when his older brother hired him as a donut baker at a Mr. Donuts franchise. He eventually learned the ins and outs of the donut business and decided to open his own store, Frankie’s Donuts. Frankie is in the store every day, along with his wife Terry, to make great donuts and food, and serve customers all hours of the day.

Frankie’s is also fairly cheap, perfect for college students on a budget. Donuts cost about $2 a piece. Most students love to go late at night to enjoy their donuts and have a fun night with their friends. The shop itself has a very welcoming atmosphere to it, and the employees who work there are some of the friendliest people you will meet. You can usually find many different kinds of people at Frankie’s beside college students, including the less fortunate who enjoy their complimentary cup of coffee.

Even though Frankie’s is not in a very safe section of Niagara Falls, they’re very welcoming and providing a safe atmosphere for all of their customers to have a good bite to eat, share a laugh and overall enjoy their stay at the shop.

If you haven’t already, give Frankie’s a try. This small business makes amazing donuts and food that is highly incomparable to larger food and donut chains. It is truly a gem of a place to go visit and chat with friends.

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