Best places to study during finals week

By: Sarah Rance

NIAGARA UNIVERSITY, N.Y. – Final exams are quickly approaching, and that means studying – a lot. Productive studying can be largely determined by location. Some people need a silent place to study, while some people need a little background noise. It is important to find a spot that works for you. Read about the ten best places to study for finals below.

10. The Library: No, not that exciting. However, the library has a lot of cool spaces to study in. Hang out on the main floor, basement, or upper floor. The library has a lot to offer, just find a spot that works for you.

9. St. Vincent’s Hall: There are a couple of spaces in Vinny that work great for studying. On the first floor, there is a small lounge with vending machines. Also, the fourth floor is very quiet and a few people enjoy sitting up there to do their studying.

8. Bisgrove: Grab some coffee at Tim Hortons and relax without all of the commotion of Gally. The second floor has a great area to do homework. A lot of students find this space very comfortable to study in.

7. The Gallagher Center: Though it can get noisy, there are a lot of spaces that students can use to study in Gally. Plus, it can be a lot more comfortable. Couches, TVs and food are all available.

6. Golisano: A lot of students love studying in Golisano. This quiet building has study rooms that are perfect for finals time. Grab a couple friends and check out a study room in Golisano.

5. An empty classroom: If a classroom is not being used, it can be a great place to study. They are very quiet and you can use the whiteboards. Students are used to being in classrooms so some people may find studying in them helps to retain information better.

4. Lounges: The dorm buildings are equipped with lounges that, when empty, can be a nice change of pace for studying. For people who may not necessarily want to leave the dorm building to study, it is a good idea to try studying in the lounges. It gets you out of your room without making you go outside.

3. The Dining Commons: Sometimes studying can make you feel isolated from the rest of campus. A good way to avoid that is to study in the Dining hall. Not to mention, there is comfort food only a few steps away.

2. Off campus: If you have the means to get off campus, places like Starbucks and Panera are great places to study. Being off campus and around people you don’t see all the time can help motivate you to focus.

1. Study rooms in the Library: The Library’s study rooms are really nice areas to study. You can get together a group of classmates and study together. They are equipped with whiteboards and computers. Visit the Library’s website to reserve a room.

Try out these spots and see which one works best for your study needs. Good luck!

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