An eye-sore turned masterpiece

By: Ava Mrozik

NIAGARA UNIVERSITY, N.Y.- A dead tree, located behind Golisano Center, has been beautifully reshaped into a carved sculpture of an eagle. The tree trunk, still rooted to the ground, has become a wooden statue for people on campus to see and admire. Clair Talbot, who has been chainsaw carving for almost 20 years, decided to transform this eye-sore into something memorable and unique to Niagara University.

Talbot began carving after he had witnessed the art created by Jerry Ward at the Erie County Fair. Since then, he has created carved sculptures for his friends, art festivals and many other events. Talbot has made numerous trees into animal sculptures, and each carving project is unique.

“It quickly became my passion and is still driving me to create my sculptures,” Talbot said. “My goal is to give it another life.”

Talbot created the eagle as a symbol for NU’s already existing ‘Purple Eagles.”

“The eagle is majestic, noble, and strong,” Talbot described these traits as ones we can all benefit from. He hopes all students and faculty enjoy the eagle sculpture here at NU.

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