What do the results of the Midterm Elections mean?

By: Sarah Rance

NIAGARA UNIVERSITY, N.Y. – While most students are aware that the midterm elections have just passed on Nov. 6, very few people know what these winning candidates’ platforms are and what they mean for them. As college students and young adults, it is our duty to become aware of the politics which govern us.

Governor Andrew Cuomo was re-elected in New York. His platform includes an increased minimum wage and affordable healthcare. An increased minimum wage would mean a lot for students. Cuomo has been gradually increasing the minimum wage, with an end goal of $15 an hour. This is something students should think about because it will most likely  impact anyone who has a job, especially one where they make minimum wage. This will also impact students who participate in the Federal Work Study program because that pays minimum wage as well.

Affordable healthcare is also important. As young adults who will not be able to remain on our parents’ insurance much longer, it is important to become knowledgeable about what Cuomo may be planning to implement. Cuomo’s plan, the N.Y. Health Exchange, would provide more people with insurance and, supposedly, make receiving healthcare much cheaper.

Ontheissues.org contains information on the Cuomo’s stance on many different issues. If you are interested in learning more about Cuomo’s platform, visit their website. It is also very important to do more research into possible downsides to Cuomo’s platform in order to be well-informed.

Big news coming from New York’s 27th congressional district was Republican Chris Collins maintaining his spot in the House of Representatives, beating Democrat Nate McMurray by a mere 3,000 votes. Shortly after the results came out, McMurray claimed the results were too close to call and demanded a recount. However, until that vote is recounted, McMurray was invited to attend the new member orientation in Washington D.C. Collins’ values lie far to the right on the political spectrum. Most citizens in NY-27 can expect Collins to vote to pass many of the bills President Trump proposes. In fact, Collins was the first congressman to endorse Trump’s campaign.

However, Collins was recently indicted for insider trading. If he is found guilty a special election will be held to fill his seat.

Democrat Kirsten Gillibrand also won re-election. Gillibrand has been serving in the Senate since 2009. She is consistently voting liberal and can be expected to continue to do so. Gillibrand has, in the past, voted to benefit ordinary citizens and decrease money spent on the military.

If you are interested in finding out more about your representatives and how they vote, consider visiting countable.us. This website will, based on your address, tell you who your representatives are and will tell you how they voted on different issues.



Featured photo by Mike Mozart licensed under Attribution 2.0 Generic (CC BY 2.0)

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