Varsity Village house continues to make noise

This banner hung on display in Varsity Village House IV calls for justice for the people listed on the banner (image: Alex Bock)

NIAGARA UNIVERSITY, N.Y. – Varsity Village House IV, officially delegated as the Social Justice house, has continued their relentless advocation of the biggest social and political issues that are hindering the nation. It looks as though they won’t silence themselves anytime soon.

Earlier this semester, House IV hung up a banner with the message “slavery never ended, it changed forms.” The message was powerful, and turned the NU community’s focus a bit more toward these issues that have been brushed under the rug for quite some time.

Since then, the house has switched banners sending new messages. House IV currently displays a green and white banner that says, “Justice for…” and lists names of recent minorities who have fallen victim to police brutality.

“In light of several recent ‘officer-involved shootings,’ not only at large but in our community we have felt the need to address police brutality and demand accountability in our own backyard,” said one member of the house.

It’s very clear what House IV wants to accomplish with displaying these banners: to create awareness of these political issues within the NU community.

“This is a larger, systemic problem which official channels of mediation and investigation consistently fail to deliver justice,” house members proclaimed. “And if the system is incapable of self-critique and amendment from the inside, then it falls upon external pressures to force change.”

The topics that House IV is bringing to light have gained global attention with protests and riots against police brutality across the world, yet it still does not get the coverage that it should. Most people are not even aware of the violence that consumes the world on a daily basis. House IV is pushing for that to change, and for citizens to stand up and voice their concerns on these issues.

“We want to hear your voice,” House IV announced. “We want to see the students at Niagara feel empowered in a way in which they can raise their voices and have them heard, both to students and to faculty. It is our campus, and without students there can be no University. So it is up to students like myself and yourself to play an active part in the creation of new and better environments where we feel respected, where we feel safe, where it can be shown that our voices matter and can make a difference in our immediate environment.”

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