NU Theatre’s Little Shop of Horrors was a smash hit

By: Maxwell Faery

NIAGARA UNIVERSITY, N.Y. – Niagara University’s Theatre performers have knocked it out of the park yet again with their take on the apocalyptic satire rock musical, “Little Shop Of Horrors.” The musical itself is a very peculiar one, as it involves an orphan boy on skin row and his man-eating plant. The man-eating plant convinces her creator to feed him his crush’s abusive boyfriend and the the boy’s adopting father and plant shop owner, Mr. Mushnik. The group performed the show starting Nov. 1 and ended with their final show on Nov. 11.

“This musical was made up of 9 individuals who were all do driven and invested in every moment of the process,” said senior Britni D’Angelo, who played Chiffon in the show’s production. “This cast is extremely close and it was such an honor getting to perform a great show … throughout this process, I feel like playing the role of Chiffon has shaped me to a stronger all-around performer and has been the most rewarding and I am eager to apply what I have taken from this show into future productions!”

As a theatre fan and seeing the musical before, I must say that this was one of my favorite performances! The acting was superb and I especially loved the comedic timing of the dentist, Orin, played by Jonathan O’Rourke. Coming from someone who has performed multiple characters in a single production, I enjoyed how quickly and well-done the character changes were in the musical number, “The Meek Shall Inherit.” I also admire the lovely harmonies of the singing trio of Chiffon, Ronette and Crystal played by Britni D’Angelo, Anika Pace and Cassidy Kreuzer.

Niagara University Theatre’s next production is a comedic play titled, “Is He Dead?” which was written by the legendary Mark Twain. This show will open Nov. 29 through Dec. 9. If you are a Niagara University student, I would encourage you to go see a production because your ticket is free!

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