Niagara’s favorite Tim Hortons employee

By Alize Rosado

Photo by Alize Rosado

NIAGARA UNIVERSITY N.Y.  It’s Monday morning. You’re standing in Gally’s Tim Hortons line wondering if a cup of coffee and breakfast sandwich is worth being late to class. You’re starting to get a little impatient when your stream of thoughts is interrupted with “What can I get you baby?”

That voice comes from Iesha Moore, undoubtedly one of NU students’ favorite Tim Hortons workers. She’s the one who has your breakfast sandwich finished before you even get to the cash register to order. She keeps the line moving quickly and tries to make everyone’s day a little brighter.

Iesha is 27 years-old and has been working at Niagara University for the past six years. She started working here as a second job to make some extra money. Her stepfather was already working at the Clet Dining Commons and told her he could get her in. Iesha was placed at Tim Hortons in Gally and has been working there ever since.

When she started working at Tim Hortons she didn’t expect much but she soon loved the job – not because of her passion for coffee and breakfast sandwiches – but because of the students.

“I’m not even gonna lie, I didn’t like the job I liked the people and the kids,” said Moore.

You can tell how much she loves the students. She remembers students’ regular orders and is always friendly and quick-witted with them. No matter how bad your Monday morning is going it’s hard to walk out of that line without a smile.

When she’s not running the Tim Hortons stand, Moore can usually be found hanging out with her friends and family. Her family is one of the most important things in her life and she spends most of her free time with her grandma, brothers or her friends, some of which are coworkers she has befriended at NU.

It’s not always easy dealing with that mile-long Tim Hortons line, so next time you see her make sure to give her an extra smile because she’s guaranteed to give it right back.

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