Lessons I’ve learned before 20

By: Maxwell Faery

NIAGARA UNIVERSITY, N.Y.- In less than two months, I will be 20 years of age. It just hit me how independent I have become and how quickly I have adapted to very rapid change in my life in such a short period of time. I have learned a lot of tough lessons just this year alone, and it is crazy to think about what other lessons I still have left to learn. These lessons are lessons that I believe everybody needs a daily reminder about every once in a while, and lessons that maybe some people who are older may not even know yet.

Don’t take everything personally. 

People say things that can hurt you. Most people like to hear themselves talk, including myself. People can and will say whatever they want just to see what reactions they can get. It’s unavoidable. When this inevitably happens just remind yourself that nothing can bother you. You as a person have so much potential and you can do great things with a positive mindset. No one can dictate your happiness. Ever.

The world can be selfish.

This is a heavy truth bomb. I have yet to meet a person who is more selfless than selfish and that’s tough to think about. I find it troubling how sad the world seems; however, I find that positive vibes can spread. It’s not just as simple as get up and go be happy because it’s hard to be happy all the time. However, if you work on yourself and display a positive attitude to others, the people around you will be happier. I am, by no means, saying this will work all the time. Pessimism is hard to avoid in some people. Just know that if you help others and you feel good about yourself, life will not look so bleak.

Everything you face will make you stronger.

There are a lot of obstacles and hardships people have to face in this crazy game of life. At many times in your life you will feel like the cards are stacked against you. It is not a reason to give up. It is a reason to push yourself harder to achieve the goals you want to achieve. Life is never easy and simple.

Confide in someone & find your purpose.

There are times when people feel alone and hopeless. Whether you think so or not, friends and family are there to support you through your difficulties. If you can not access a friend or family member when you need one, maybe you can turn to religion. Personally, I have recently found comfort in prayer. Even if you do not consider yourself impact you want to leave on the world.

Say “yes” more than “no.”

Open your mind to more opportunities. Take advantage of everything. Get involved and make an impact. The satisfaction of accomplishment can often go under-appreciated. This does not mean do anything you are uncomfortable with, but saying “yes” can lead to great times, opportunities and memories that can last a lifetime.


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