Fight for Life group rejected by NUSGA

Ethan De Rosa pitches the “Fight for Life” constitution

By: Hugh Brown

NIAGARA UNIVERSITY, N.Y. – The “Fight for Life” group was denied club status by the Niagara University Student Government Association after Ethan De Rosa, a member of the group, presented their constitution to NUSGA at a legislative meeting on Sunday, November 11.

After presenting to NUSGA, members of the student government asked further questions about the group and their goals.

“Our club aims to make it easier for people to chose life if they wish to,” said De Rosa, a representative of the club. “The official stance of the club as far as abortion is that it shouldn’t happen.”

The group had aimed to treat pro-life in a “multi-faceted approach,” and focus on helping the people of Niagara Falls through community service.

“Anybody is welcome to join, anybody is welcome to share their beliefs,” De Rosa said when asked about whether the potential club would be inclusive to pro-choice advocators.

The discussion shifted away from the group specifically and centered on whether the school shared the same ideological position as the group.

“Sex in and of itself is reserved for couples that are married,” said Mati Ortiz, director of Campus Activities. “It is apparent in higher education that students grow and develop in their own ways. We as a Catholic institution do not promote that.”

Several NUSGA elected officials raised questions over inclusivity with the potential club.

“We have always tried to be very respectful. There has always been an understanding that we’re not here to convert anybody else, we’re here to discuss” De Rosa said.

De Rosa made it clear that this was not specifically a “pro-life” club, rather something much more than that.

“There’s no other Fight for Life clubs that I know,” said De Rosa. “There are other pro-life clubs that we’re not affiliated with. We’re not here to enforce any sort of practices … that’s never come up in a meeting so far.”

The group has existed through Campus Ministry since fall of last year. After the group pitched their constitution, a vote was done and the group was rejected. The club officials were told they could revise their constitution and pitch again to NUSGA in the future.

“This is the legislative process,” said Cheyenne Freely, student-body president. “The legislative body voted based on the interests of the student-body and the club was not approved. They do, as any other club would, have the opportunity to bring their constitution back to a vote with changes and again the legislative process will take place.”

Update as of Monday, November 19, 2018. On Sunday, November 18 the Fight for Life group submitted their revised Constitution for review by the Niagara University Student Government Association after they were rejected club-status at last Sunday’s Legislative meeting. Their revised constitution was approved, and they will be moving forward as a club. Look out for a full update by Hugh Brown.

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