Bohemian Rhapsody movie review

Photo via 20th Century Fox

By Hugh Brown

NIAGARA UNIVERSITY, N.Y. – “Bohemian Rhapsody” was an entertaining movie with great acting and music, but falls into the realm of predictability. Critics have given it largely mediocre reviews, and it’s not hard to see where they’re coming from. Freddie Mercury was a fascinating character and Queen was a game-changer for the music industry. With all of the interest in the band and its lead singer, the film had many feeling underwhelmed, but “Bohemian Rhapsody” is a fun experience filled with good music and fantastic acting.

The film feels like a typical biopic. The set design is good; nothing stands out as anachronistic or weird. The lighting and colors are bland, but that’s to be expected from this type of film.

The acting is superb; Rami Malek does a phenomenal job portraying Queen’s lead singer Freddie Mercury. His mannerisms, accents, and dancing make you forget you’re watching an actor and not the real Mercury. The rest of the band does a good job despite not being given very much to do or say. Really the only weak acting in the film comes from a cameo of Mike Myers (yes, Shrek) as a doubting music producer.

The plot is predictable and by-the-numbers. The first third of the movie is weirdly rushed and given no time to breath. There is a desperate attempt to run through multiple important moments in Mercury’s life without stopping to let anyone reflect or even really react.

This film has been a critical disappointment despite a very successful opening box office. Most critics have cited either a predictable plot or not doing the story of Freddie Mercury justice for their poor review. Admittedly, the plot is a bore just like any other biopic. The focus of the movie was not on changing the formula, instead it was the casting, music, and set pieces.

The critique that the film doesn’t do the story justice is sad to see. When looking at the movie as just a story itself and not the larger picture, the film is good. It was a fun two hours and was a good tribute to Freddie Mercury. Overall, 7/10.

See “Bohemian Rhapsody” in theaters now.

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