Panthers to Purple Eagles


Freshman Tyler Edholm. Picture by Jim McCoy.
Tournament Team Pic
Junior Zach Farkas (second from left). Picture from

By Dan Richeal

NIAGARA UNIVERSITY, N.Y. -The Men’s Golf team has a couple of new faces on the team this season, two of those new faces are Freshman Tyler Edholm and Junior Zach Farkas. However, this isn’t the first time that Edholm and Farkas have been teammates.

Both golfers were teammates on both the golf team and hockey team at Sweet Home High School. While at Sweet Home, Edholm and Farkas were four-year varsity players for both golf and hockey. Farkas was a three-year starter as a goalie for the Panthers, and  in his senior season Edholm helped captain the hockey team to a New York State hockey championship.

When Farkas graduated Sweet Home High School, he came to Niagara just golfing for the club team, Edholm was heading into his Junior year at Sweet Home and wasn’t sure where he would end up. After Farkas’s last game as a Sweet Home Panther neither of them expected to be teammates again. So once the former Panthers swapped out blue and gold for purple and grey, the friends of about 10 years were stoked to have each other as teammates again, as it helps both of them on the course.

“It creates a more relaxed environment, in a match if I see him on another hole I’ll walk over and talk and joke around, and even that little 30 second conversation makes it easier on both of us,” Edholm said.

“Playing at Sweet Home and now here is awesome. I always want to beat Tyler [Edholm].” Farkas added.

Both golfers are used to competing during the summer when the two play practice rounds together.

“The last couple of summers we’ve been playing pretty much every day and I know we are both extremely competitive, so we push each other,” Edholm said. “I hate losing to him and I know he hates losing to me.”

“If you could come and watch a normal round of golf with us in the summer, you’d be confused if the round actually meant something huge, because we both get so intense, and focus on beating each other,” Farkas added. “It’s pretty awesome.”

Both golfers we satisfied with how the first half of their seasons went. However, both agreed that the team should come back even better come spring.

“I think we will be a lot better of a team,” Farkas said about the team. “We really are a tight group. We still do a lot together as a team. Each week, without practice, we still get together to hang out.”

“We improved in every tournament that we played in,” Edholm added. “We will all be working in the winter and I’d expect us to improve greatly as we move ahead.”


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