The art of healing

Photo by Alize Rosado

On Tuesday October 23, Castellani Art Museum showcased art exhibits created by sexual assault survivors.

This event was put on by the Red Flag Campaign Committee, with help from the YWCA and The Child Advocacy Center of Niagara. The Red Flag Campaign is a national campaign that highlights domestic violence and intimate partner violence across college campuses.  It highlights the “red flags” of unhealthy relationships. Since people from age 18-24 are most at risk for sexual assault partner violence this event is especially important at college campuses.

Dr. Jennifer Bebe and Dr. Dana Radatz are the two co-chairs for the Red Flag Campaign committee at NU who passions are deeply rooted in these issues.

When asked how she became involved in this Dr. Radatz said “My advocacy came from feeling so disillusioned by thinking the world was safe place for everyone and then realizing it wasn’t, and I needed to do something about that.”

The event had seven different art exhibits created by both children and adults as part of their healing process. These exhibits included art from “The Clothesline Project”, “Trees of Energy” and “Silent Witness Project”.

“The artwork on display is an opportunity for people to witness part of their healing process,” said Dr. Beebe. “That’s what I think is really powerful, it really highlights the different parts of it and it really tugs at the heart.”

Overall the event was a resounding success that brought Niagara students and the local community a little closer together.

“The event exemplified the strength of our community here at NU. It is so powerful to be a part of a community – with members from all walks of life – that comes together with such support and solidarity for those who have been victims, survivors, and thrivers of domestic violence.” Said Madison Ruffo, a Niagara University student. “No one should have to face domestic violence alone.”

“If it changes one person’s path, if it gives one person the information to help someone down the road, then to me that was worth everything.” Said Dr.Radatz.

If students are interested in getting involved they can volunteer or intern at any of the local agencies mentioned. Niagara students are also encouraged to help out at Take Back the Night which will take place next semester.

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