Modernity has failed us

Modernity-Has-Failed-Us (1)

By: Brittany Rosso

NIAGARA UNIVERSITY, N.Y. – Socially-shocking truths of society are here for us all to see, and conveniently, they are all aligned with a lyrical portrayal and mash-up of clips from the horror story we are living in 2018. Yeah, the one you may have been a bit blind-sided to, until now that is. The 1975 has done it again. Manchester’s indie, alternative, pop band never fails to get people talking, and most importantly, always brings the truth of society to the table. The 1975, composed of 4 band members; Matthew Healy, Ross Macdonald, Adam Hann and George Daniel, are doing things a bit differently this time around, shocking fans and getting widespread reaction and discussion formulating across the globe.

Love It If We Made It,” a track from one of two new upcoming albums, A Brief Inquiry Into Online Relationships,debuted on July 19, 2018, with lyrics referencing and hitting hard into topics including social and political issues, war, drugs, religion, environmental problems, immigration and even the passing of American Singer and rap artist, Lil Peep. The song was written by Healy, and the music video was directed by Adam Powell with lighting and conceptual design by Tobias Rylander.

Recently, on Monday, Oct. 15, the 1975 released the Love It If We Made Itmusic video- a production constructed by pieces of our own society, literally. The music video featured clips of both today’s reality and our past. The video represents the issues and problems at the forefront of today’s society, while repeating the lyrics throughout, modernity has failed us.”

The production features the phone recorded footage of Eric Garner, a 43-year old African American man who was choked to death in the streets by a NYPD police officer in 2018. It features a clip of Harvey Weinstein, “whose reported sexual abuse sparked the #MeToo movement” (via the1975source on Instagram). It includes a clip of Brent Kavanaugh, the Supreme Court Justice who was appointed on October 6, following an FBI investigation into allegations of sexual assault. It features a photo of Donald Trump, with the lyrics “I moved on her like a b****,” a direct quote from the president of the United States. Quoting Trump again, the lyrics later follow to a photo of Kanye West as they sing, “Thank you Kanye! Very Cool!” This video includes recent events, but also includes parts of our past, adding a clip from the 9/11 attack on the Twin Towers as the lyrics state, “a war has been incited.”

While some mention that this video and its brutal honesty makes them uncomfortable, we must remember, we are living as a part of those uncomfortable truths every day. I feel that the 1975 did a great job at exposing social and political problems in this powerful production, as they always do. They make social points and bold statements, using their music as an outlet to express what needs to be said. This production has taken things to a new level for the 1975- something everyone should see. 

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