A look inside NUSGA’s operations

By: Katherine Snyder

NIAGARA UNIVERSITY, N.Y. – Niagara University’s Student Government Association is an integral part of student’s life on campus. Discussing and fighting for a change of campus life, different events as well as improvements to the campus as a whole. However, not many students really know how NUSGA runs and operates their government. I was able to sit down in one of their committee meetings, as well as their traditional legislative meeting on Sunday, Oct. 21, to really get a look inside as to what they do and how they go about it.

NUSGA holds several committee meetings throughout the week on Sundays and Wednesdays. I was able to attend one of the committee meetings, Outreach and Advancement, hosted by student body President Cheyenne Freely, student body Vice President Nicholas Graham and Cabinet Secretary Richelle Kloch, in which they discussed some of their future projects. One of their main concerns are the bathrooms in the dorm towers, Seton and O’Shea. They plan to talk with facilities as well as Dean of Students, Jason Jakubowski, to improve the bathrooms completely in both buildings, specifically the showers. They will present the issue that the tiling in O’Shea needs to be fully re-done for cleanliness standards, and an overall improvement to the life of O’Shea residents. They also plan to have a meeting with town hall in the near future to discuss what they’re doing in regards to campus.

NUSGA wants to start doing programs to promote students to come into their office, as they want the office to feel welcoming. One of their primary goals is to make sure students know and understand what they do in regards to daily life for the community. As always, all students are welcome to come in with any questions or regards to student life when any NUSGA representatives are present, even if they’re relaxing during their off time. Also, all committee meetings, as well as their legislative meetings, are open to all students to attend as long as a member of NUSGA is contacted prior to give permission to sit in.

After the committee meeting, I got to sit in on a legislative meeting, that involves all delegations, including the new class of 2022 delegation at their meeting. It was very eye-opening to see how their meetings operate, as they work as a real government and discuss topics such as approving club budgets, future plans and events they have planned. There was also a special presentation given by Father Rooney, “Becoming a mentor,” which touched on the core values NUSGA bases themselves on, being a leader and a mentor to others.

NUSGA has some very exciting projects coming up, which include fixing crosswalks and potholes on campus, as well as possibly making the entire road between Gallagher Center and Bisgrove Hall/ACAD Complex an outside student hub. Parliamentarian Zach Recckio met with Christopher Sheffield to discuss these projects as well as complete their one year plan that was initiated at the beginning of the Fall 2017 semester, which included installing the fire pit outside of Dunleavy hall.

Overall from what I had observed, NUSGA is a prominent part of campus life, operate as a professional government and most importantly care about the life of students. They are willing and determined young people who will make Niagara a great place for their fellow classmates and faculty.

Featured photo source: twitter.com/NUstudentgov

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