Top five comedians with Netflix specials

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By: Maxwell Faery                                            

NIAGARA UNIVERSITY, N.Y. – Netflix has given a great revival to the stand-up comedy genre. Netflix, over the course of a couple years, has released hundreds of comedy specials. Here is a list of my top five favorite comedians with Netflix specials.

5) Chris D’Elia

What I like most about Chris D’Elia is that his jokes are so funny that he can’t help but to laugh at them himself. Chris D’Elia has an eccentric style that often makes you wonder if he is okay and you can’t help but to laugh. In his most recent special, Man On Fire, he talks about how he could never get married and have a kid. His little kid voice is absolutely hilarious and he does not stop there. D’Elia also talks about the craziness of running into his ex-girlfriend, dumb jocks at the gym and how his friend bought him a pair of pants. His observational comedy is very relatable and has many looking forward to his future material.

4) Iliza Shlesinger

Iliza has to be one of my favorite female stand-up comedians of all time. She has not one, but FOUR stand-up specials on Netflix, each one funnier than the last. In her most recent stand-up special, Elder Millennial, Iliza talks about how women judge men when they go out on a date. She appeals to everyone because women can relate to it and men find it humorous because the can’t believe at the crazy things that women do when they go out. She also touches base on social media and the undeniable truths of being an “elder millennial”. Her physical comedy and funny impressions and characters are what really put her over the top. Iliza like to tie her jokes together and every now and then she comes back to a joke that she said earlier in the special and when comedians are able to pull this off well, which she does, the result is some great belly laughs.

3) Bo Burnham

An inspiration for young budding stand-up comics, Bo Burnham released his first stand-up special at 19. Bo Burnham often incorporates music into his special with funny songs with strong messages and makes jabs at pop culture such as “Lower Your Expectations” and “Repeat Stuff.” Bo Burnham is one of the comedians who will make you laugh and make you think deeply at the same time. Bo Burnham also wrote a poetry book and directed a movie. Bo Burnham is without a doubt #deep.

2) Jim Gaffigan

Jim Gaffigan is a legendary stand-up comedian most popularly known for his pale complexion and his food humor. What I like most about Jim Gaffigan is how brutally honest he is about his laziness, because secretly we are all the same way. Another bit Jim Gaffigan does well that most comedians do not is he gives his audience a voice. Gaffigan often tells jokes from the audience’s perspective as if he was an audience member critiquing his own appearance or his jokes. He has a very traditional style of comedy with very funny impressions. Gaffigan’s comedy is great because there is no cursing or rude humor so you could totally get away with it watching it in your living room with your parents.

1) John Mulaney

Former SNL writer John Mulaney is one of my favorite stand-up comedians of all time. Mulaney commonly jokes about himself and his awkwardness, making it very relatable and hilarious. There are so many iconic and quotable references in his shows that appeals to everyone. He often talks about life growing up in Chicago and all the crazy things he did and learned as a teenager. John Mulaney also created one of my favorite Saturday Night Live characters of all time… Stefon, the Weekend Update City Correspondent who always recommends bizarre places to go out. John Mulaney has written and performed in so many things I enjoy but I love his stand-up most of all because of his great storytelling and his traditional approach to stand-up. I would strongly recommend watching his specials in order.

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