The spirits are calling you to Rolling Hills Asylum


By: Brittany Rosso

EAST BETHANY, N.Y.- It’s that time of year. The leaves are changing color, cooler temperatures are arriving, pumpkins and apples are ready to be picked, scary movies are playing and best of all … real haunted attractions are waiting for you to visit. The Rolling Hills Asylum, located in East Bethany New York, ranks high on the list of America’s Most Haunted.

The asylum was home to the insane and mentally ill dating back as far as 1827, until the facility was closed in 1974, as stated on the Rolling Hills Asylum website. Since then, spirits have been known to inhabit the property and roam freely throughout, both good and bad.

Rolling Hills has since opened its doors to visitors just about all year round- should you feel brave enough to explore, that is. Guests can purchase passes for ghost hunts, overnight experiences, tours, movie nights, and special events including ghost hunting with celebrity ghost hunters. Visitors can also book with a group or attend privately. The facility also offers an opportunity for guests to experiment with equipment with the option to bring your own or use a complete paranormal kit provided for an additional charge. Equipment classes are also available to teach newbies the tricks of the tools.

Rolling Hills Asylum has been featured in several movies and TV shows including Ghost Adventures, Paranormal Challenge, Ghost Detectives, Ghost Asylum, Sun House Films, Dark & The Wounded, Ghost Hunters and American Horror Story.  Several celebrity ghost hunting teams including those listed above have visited the asylum to film episodes and perform professional investigations. The facility has also hosted several weddings.

Claims and evidence of seeing apparitions, orbs, hearing voices and objects being moved or displaced have been reported by several visitors. Evidence is also available to the public on the facilities website.

Lucky for us, the Rolling Hills Asylum is only about an hour and fifteen minutes away from Lewiston, making for the perfect fall activity. To purchase tickets or to find out more about the Rolling Hills Asylum, visit or call (585)-502-4066.


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