Logic’s Young Sinatra IV: The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

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A music review Of Logic’s fourth studio album

By: Maxwell Faery

NIAGARA UNIVERSITY, N.Y.- On Sept. 28, Logic released his fourth studio album “Young Sinatra 4.” This is the fourth and final work in Logic’s “Young Sinatra” series. The album itself is one of his longest at a lengthy 76 minutes and 3 seconds. Even though Logic is “spitting bars” throughout it, there are some questionable recurrences in this album which strikes me as predictable and a little pretentious.

The Good:

The song “Wu-Tang Forever,” is the greatest song on the album. Not only does Logic “spit bars,” Logic managed to get members of the Wu-Tang Clan to collab with him on this song, which is absolutely legendary. The old timey instrumental background is excellent, cohesive with the rap and makes sense to the theme of the album.

The album idea itself is awesome. Frank Sinatra is iconic and everybody young and old enjoys his music. So combining rap with the music styling of Frank Sinatra is something that I find cool and interesting.

The Bad:

In the song, “YSIV,” Logic is rapping with this annoying instrumental background that does not sound good whatsoever. The rap itself was okay, but Logic raps about the same stuff to the point I almost wanted to turn off the music. The song went on for six minutes and at the end of the song, Logic was rapping over this piano which made me think I was listening to different songs. Logic stops rapping at the end and then begins to talk about the history of how Young Sinatra came to be and the track itself was too lengthy. 

The Ugly:

Logic’s introduction to the album, “Thank You,” was not good. It was over seven minutes long and half of it was not Logic rapping. The last couple minutes were a series of what sounded like voicemails from Logic fans around the world raving about how great Logic is. Logic was trying to say thank you to his fans but this could have been done differently and not in the beginning of the album. Thefirst song off the album sets the tone for how the rest of it will sound, and putting this in the beginning did not make sense to me. The rap itself was repetitive and way too mellow. Logic should have put the voicemails in the end so that when it was over, Logic thanks his fans for listening and we can skip the song.

Logic rants after his songs which extends the songs and gives off pretentious vibes. I love Logic’s motto, “Peace, Love & Positivity,” but he repeats it too much in his music. Just give us the bars Logic! We don’t need an explanation after every song. 


I give Logic’s album 7 out of 10. Logic is a great rapper and has a great message. However, Bobby Tarantino II was one of Logic’s best works and this album had high expectations but it failed to live up to the hype. All of the music from Bobby Tarantino II I have downloaded on my phone. This album has five or six songs I want to add so my album score reflects accordingly.


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