Kiernan adds new “multi-jungle” system

By David Wojtkowski

NIAGARA UNIVERSITY, N.Y- Niagara University’s Kiernan Center added a new machine to its muscle building factory.  The new “multi-jungle” cable system was added over the summer, replacing an older version, which was there for over 20 years.

The machine is a 7×19 frame with multiple pulley systems with cords gym goers can attach handles on and pull.  This allows for a wide variety of exercises to be performed. One can work chest, back, biceps, triceps and glutes depending on how they pull a cable. Because the machine is so large, multiple people can use different sections of it at the same time. This is helpful when the gym gets crowded.

Derek Puff, the director of the Kiernan Center, explains they got a new “Lifefitness” brand machine because the older one wasn’t working properly and they made the purchase from G&G fitness.

“The vendor we bought it from was G&G fitness, which is where we get most our equipment through,” Puff said.  “We purchased it because the old one we had back there was 20 years old. Several components of it were not working anymore, especially the cable crossovers. Lifefitness is really the best brand of fitness equipment they sell, so we decided to purchase that because of the name brand and also the warranty that came with it which should last us just as long as the other one did.”

Nick Graham, a Junior at Niagara, talks about how he likes the new machine because a part of the old one broke right in the middle of one of his workouts.

“It’s great, much better than the older one as I know from experience myself last year,” Graham said. “It was an older machine, while I was doing a fly the cable actually snapped on me.  I’m definitely not the biggest, strongest guy in the gym so if it’s snapping for me it’s probably gonna happen anytime. So I’m really really glad to see the improvements made by the university.”

The new machine to be much sleeker and easier to use.  On the old machine, it would take a while to adjust the cable height or even change the clip handles, leading to a frustrating experience.  The new one is buttery smooth and even has nifty five-pound attachments you can add to the weight stack if one wants to go up in five-pound increments instead of 10.  All in all, the new machine seems to be a welcome addition to Kiernan’s Fitness Center.

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