NUSGA’s new views

Photo by Niagara University

By: Alize Rosado

NIAGARA UNIVERSITY, N.Y. – As a new school year begins, Niagara University’s Student Government Association, also known as NUSGA, is already working on different events and new improvements to better campus life.

NUSGA consists of 36 legislative members and an executive cabinet of seven student leaders representing the Freshman, Sophomore, Junior and Senior classes. Each class delegation is currently working on different events geared toward their classmates.

The Senior class is planning and promoting their Countdown Day events celebrating the days leading up to graduation. These events are being hosted at different venues throughout the area such as Brickyard Brewing Company and Lewiston Events Center.

The Junior class is getting ready to have their Halfway to Graduation Event at La Salle Yacht Club, while the Sophomore class is planning a day trip to New York City which they will co-sponsor with the new Freshman delegation.

In addition to events, NUSGA is also hoping to make improvements to parking, residence life, dining and more in the upcoming semesters. Committees such as Outreach and Advancement and Traditions assist in these improvements.

All of these improvements align with NUSGA’s overall mission to serve the student body through service, educational and culture programming, awareness, and advocacy.

Student-body president Cheyenne Freely is leading NUSGA this year by promoting advocacy and advancement.

“This year is really about advocating for the students” says Freely. “We want to hear voices, we want to hear opinions, and from those opinions voices we really want to take impactful action.” NUSGA is also working to improve upon their goal of student representation.

“We want to make it clearer than ever this academic year that we are here for you” said Student-body vice president Nick Graham. Students are encouraged to bring any ideas or problems with campus life to a NUSGA representative.

The NUSGA/Clubs and Organizations Office, located next to Campus Ministry in the Gallagher Center, is the easiest spot for students to come in with concerns.

“Our doors in Gally are always open and we welcome you to hangout or come in with any questions or concerns we can address together” said Graham.

As the new academic year moves forward NUSGA is excited to share updates with the student body. By advocating and advancing student life they are reaffirming their motto of “By the Students, For the Students”.

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