No gym, no problem: A workout without weights



By David Wojtkowski

College can be one of the most stressful times in a young adults life.  Between classes, homework and pulling all nighters it’s almost impossible for one to find the time to visit the gym.  Here is a quick exercise routine that you can do in your dorm room.



Stand with feet shoulder width apart then while keeping your chest up and butt out lower your hips to below your knees before returning to the starting position pushing through your heels for one rep.



Do regular pushups but with your hands placed further apart to primarily engage your chest.



Do dips off the end of a chair.  Put your hands on the top of the chair, and fully extend your legs so you’re leaning against it.  Then, bending your arms, lower yourself and bring yourself back up for one rep.



Support your body with your forearms and hold yourself just above the ground for as long as you can.  Extend your arms more in front or put weight on your lower back to increase difficulty.



Load up a luggage bag or backpack with weight in terms of books, clothes, whatever you can find.  Then curl said bag utilizing your biceps.



Extend your arms fully to your sides with palms facing up and raise them until they clap, then bring them back to the cross-like position for one rep.




Take like a minute water break before starting your next set.  Just do the exact same exercises in the order you did them before.  Repeat until you’ve done three full sets. Give your muscles at least a day to recover before working them again.


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