Former Golden Griffin enters purple waters as diving coach

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NIAGARA UNIVERSITY, N.Y- This season the Men’s and Women’s Diving teams are testing the waters with their new coach, Josh Larcom.

Larcom had known the head coach of NU’s Swimming and Diving teams from competing against his team for four years. He graduated from Canisius in May 2018 with bachelor’s degrees in both health and wellness and psychology and with a minor in strength and conditioning. He dove competitively for them from 2014-18 and was an NCAA Zone-qualifier during the 2017-18 season.

Being a former Canisius Griffin entering Purple eagle territory, Larcom admits that he never imagined being a part of Niagara University.

 “I have friends that still jokingly call me a traitor for making this decision, but having the chance to coach at division one level was too good of an opportunity to pass up.” said Larcom.

He says that his experience in diving makes it much easier to coach his divers, because he physically and mentally knows what it is like to be in their shoes.

“Sometimes I still want to hop on the boards because I am so passionate about the sport.” Lacrom said. “But I don’t, because I’m happy with how I ended my career, and that’s exactly how I want my divers to feel at the end of their seasons” Larcom said.

Larcom says that what he wants for the diving team this year is a complete change from what the old coach has practiced with the divers. He has watched NU’s diving for years now at MAAC conference and just by observing them he could tell what they needed.

“Me being here is kind of like completely jump-starting the system. They needed a coach that would push them past their bad mental-habits, that would not let them settle with comfortable dives and a coach that would instill confidence in them” says Larcom.

“I am trying to take bits and pieces from all the good I have learned in the past from some coaches that were elite divers, while incorporating important self-taught skills and tips that have helped me achieve so much in the sport” says Larcom. 



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