Bills carry momentum into Lambeau

While the Bills were able to pull of the upset last Sunday against a tough Minnesota Vikings defense, it’s not getting any easier for Sean McDermott’s team.

The Bills square off against the Packers on Thursday. And we all know Kirk Cousins isn’t up there with Aaron Rodgers.

Josh Allen under center during a Bills preseason meeting against the Cleveland Browns (Image: Generic 2.0)

While the Vikings may have the tougher defense, but the match up will be another test for the Bills own defense against a Packers offense that with Rodgers under center, is always a force to be reckon with.

According to the Democrat and Chronicle (part of the USA today network), the Bills lead the all-time series against the Packers 8-4, but have won only once at Lambeau Field.

After the stunning performance in last Sunday’s 27-6 win, it seems as though the Bills’ top-notch defense is back; after giving up a combined 78 points in their first two games.

However, no defense can be too great against the Rodgers led offense. Through the Packers’ first three games, Rodgers has thrown for 832 yards and 6 touchdowns; and has still yet to throw a single interception. He has also averaged a 104.5 QB rating. And while Cousins has put up impressive numbers himself, including 965 yards and 7 touchdowns, Rodgers is the one with the Hall of Fame resume; with two mvps and a Super Bowl ring and 6 Pro Bowl selections.

“On the scoreboard, I understand what people see,” Coach McDermott stated in an interview with “The biggest thing for us is that we A, move forward and B, that we embrace that growth mindset of getting better every rep, every day. And that’s where we started this morning as a team.”

With that mindset, the Bills will look to continue to improve each week. The Bills have more match ups this year against tough NFC opponents than in previous years. And of course, we all know about the two yearly meetings with Patriots.

One thing is for sure, Josh Allen seems to be the signal caller going forward. After last week’s breakout performance, in which he completed 15 of 22 passes for 196 yards and a touchdown, while also rushing for two touchdowns, Allen has shown his ability to use his arm and his legs.

“I think we’ve seen that enough where one week, you’re up here and the next week, you’re down here as an individual, as a team,” McDermott explained about his expectations of Allen. “You think you know a team, and then you turn on the TV the next week and it’s the opposite of what you thought. So, again, as a team and as an individual, in this case with Josh, I expect that he’ll embrace the growth mindset and not get tied too much into the short-term results, whether they were good or bad.”


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