Cardi B: Invasion Of Privacy Review

Cardi B is from Bronx, N. She started to gain popularity when she debuted on VH1’s Love and Hip-Hop New York as a season regular cast member. Her “no filter” attitude and openly talking about her background as a stripper, is what pushed her stardom over the edge and this is when her fan base started to grow tremendously.

Fast forward, Cardi B has had two breakout singles that took the the world by storm, “Bodak Yellow,” which went no. 1 on the Billboard Top 100, as well as “Bartier Cardi” which also went top 10 on the charts. Both songs appear on her freshman album, Invasion of Privacy, which was recently released on April 6.

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By: Cardi B’s Instagram (@IamCardiB)

The title speaks for itself, Invasion of Privacy gives off an unapologetic vibe with rebellious undertones. This album not only showcases the feisty and sassy Cardi B that we’ve come to love, but also displays a more vulnerable and raw side of her as well.

In songs like “Thru your Phone” and “Be Careful,” many believe that Cardi is opening up about her feelings towards the cheating scandals surrounding her and fiancé, Offset, who’s a part of the popular rap group Migos. However, in the midst of all the rumors, Cardi B’s album continues to prevail, only drawing more attention from viewers who can relate to Cardi B and her broken heart. Cardi B is more versatile than we could’ve ever imagined, she is unconventional and innovative, a different type of sound that the female rap game has been lacking for years.

Some other tracks that are featured on the album include, “I do” Featuring SZA, “Get up 10,” and “Bickenhead,” which all express Cardi B’s exceptional rap abilities as well as her clever punchlines. Listening to this album song for song, it is apparent that she has the passion and drive to take over the rap industry. The Cardi we get on Invasion of Privacy is a woman that is determined to make her mark and maintain her spot as a strong lyricist and rapper of the new generation.

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