Parents or…blockers?

By Brittany Rosso


Blockers is a comedic film based on the story of three parents, Lisa, Mitchell and Hunter, trying to intervene with their three daughters prom night after they come across a juicy Imessage conversation.

The main plot of the film is based upon the decision that Julie makes and announces to her friends. Julie has been planning to lose her virginity to her boyfriend Austin on prom night, and once she tells her friends, Kayla immediately wants to do the same. Meanwhile, Sam faces inner conflict about their “sex pact.” Sam is a lesbian who has not yet come out to her friends and family. However, she does not want to miss out on her friends pledging to do the deed, so she finally announces that she is going to join along, 

Before the girls head out to prom after taking photos at Julies house, her mom finds a UCLA acceptance letter in her room. Immediately, she makes the connection fearing that Julie wanted to go to UCLA to follow Austin, instead of the University of Chicago, which was only forty-five minutes away.

After sending the girls off to prom, Lisa finds herself in tears alongside Mitchell and Hunter at her dining room table, stressing over the fact that her only child was about to leave her. Meanwhile, the parents hear a dinging noise coming from Julie’s laptop, and run into her room to check it out.

They begin to realize something is up after reading through Julie’s Imessages- a combination of hand signals, eggplants, peaches, water splashes, and drooling face emojis. Hunter, the free-spirited dad of Sam, helps to decode what the message means, and spills the beans … Yes, they are planning to have sex on prom night.

From this point forward, the film follows the parents’ hilarious journey to find their kids at prom night and stop them from making these “bad decisions,” and shows glimpses of the kids night out at prom.

Soon after their crazy night, Mitchell realizes he has been in denial about being over protective with his daughter, Lisa realizes her inner struggle to let her only child go off to UCLA, and Hunter finds guilt within himself for neglecting his daughter after a divorce with her mother.

This film is filled with relatable humor and instances most millennials and parents can probably relate to. Although, it is filled with quite a heavy amount of vulgar language and sexual vocabulary. An interesting twist was the interpretation of sex and why it is considered to be a “bad” thing in the three parents’ minds. The underlying messages regarding social standards between males and females when it comes to sexual activities were a unique twist to this film. Personally, I think this film can be a parent-learning experience, filled with lessons for both children and parents. Go check it out for the most hilarious, but awkward, educational lesson of your life.

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