Meet the Professionals Night 2018

by, Corey Nash

NIAGARA UNIVERSITY, NY.- For one night every school year, Niagara University students get the opportunity to speak and network with companies in the local area. The Public Relations Student Society of Niagara, host this event every year and it continues to be a hit. The event played host to some of the best companies in the marketing/communication field. This years event took place in Bisgrove Hall/Academic Complex and where individuals spoke to students. Some of the representatives in attendance were from companies like Perry’s Ice Cream, ArtPark, and Niagara Frontier Publications.

Events like these are important because they give students a first step into seeking potential internships or even full time positions. For sophomore Jaylin Rose, these events gives him the confidence to reach out to and take the first steps into finding a job. “Its just an easier way to speak with companies and try to build some connections.” Rose said. “My parents have been telling me to start looking for internships, so this was a great opportunity.”

This event also gives a great opportunity for alumni to come back to campus and express their experiences in the work field. Meet the Professionals night, showed a number of former purple eagles attending as representatives for their current companies. This helps current students understand how important it is to start connections early. It also helps students relax knowing they are talking to someone who has recently been a student as well.

While the event was offered by the Communications department, students from all other majors will still invited as well. Even though Meet the Professionals Night, is an event smaller than Niagara’s career fair that took place this past march, the event gave a more direct engagement between the students and the companies.

( Attribution: Photos by Jade King)

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