Lynch Hall incident update

NIAGARA UNIVERSITY, NY- On April 9th, University President, James J. Maher, sent out an email updating the students of Niagara University on the incident that occurred in Rev. John Lynch Hall over winter break.

On December 27th, a “yellow rope hung in the shape of a noose” was found in the basement of Lynch Hall and reported to Campus Safety by a contracted employee. The university utilized outside investigators to examine the matter. The investigation was not able to determine the individual who had left the noose, nor the intention behind it.

However, the investigation was able to uncover that “no Niagara University students were involved in the incident because the residence hall closed for Christmas break on Dec. 15, 2017, and no students accessed the residence hall on Dec. 26 or 27.”

This email acknowledges that “the noose is an unmistakable symbol of hate and is intended to evoke fear.” President Maher reached out to several groups regarding the matter, including the Ostapenko Center, student leaders in NUSGA and the Black Student Union, faculty, the diversity committee, the Office of Multicultural Affairs, and students of Lynch Hall.

He was clear in stating that this university will not tolerate acts that are damaging to the community, or to the Vincentian mission of this school. He has made it a priority to “strengthen diversity and inclusivity at NU,” as well as facilitating “faculty-led programming on race, equality and mission.”

Students and members of the community are encouraged to bring issues of discriminatory or hateful acts to the attention of members of faculty, Campus Safety, Student Affairs, or the Office of Equity and Inclusion.

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