Important tips for taking summer courses

by, Corey Nash

NIAGARA UNIVERSITY, NY. – Summer is the time of the year that students and teachers look at as a relaxing period. For others, summer can also be a time of continuing studies to advance themselves. College summer courses can be expensive and mentally draining due to the amount of content provided in such a short period of time. It is important to understand everything that comes with taking a summer class ahead of time.

Taking a course at your college can be potentially expensive, so learning if you can receive any financial aid or scholarship for the summer may be a huge help. Another way to take a summer course is at your local community college. Most universities allow students to transfer credits in, as long as the course grade was an average of a C or higher. Community college courses are a lot cheaper and the potential of financial aid is still a possibility.

College students taking summer courses should understand both the pros and cons while taking the class. Regardless of just taking one or multiple classes, the student should understand that summer classes are a lot of work. Summer classes are four to five months of a class material condensed into four weeks. Courses can be extremely time consuming especially during the summer where a lot of college students are doing internships or other jobs. Another major factor in summer courses is the amount of time offered to the student with the professor. Everyones time is extremely valuable during the summer and having access to your professor for questions about the course is a lot harder than during the regular fall and spring semesters. Professors are trying to answer questions from every student while taking on other classes and enjoying their break as well.

Summer courses can also be a huge benefit to students too. The summer course time can be used for students to get ahead, by taking courses that will help propel them closer to graduation. The summer sessions can also be a time to repeat a course that a student may have not done well in the first time. The amount of condensed work can also help a student with their time management skills. Budgeting your time between a class and work can help down the line in the fall and spring semesters where the amount of work is spread out.

Niagara University offers three summer sessions, where courses are offered for students to take. The first session runs from May 21st to June 14th, second session is from June 18th to July 12th and the third session is from July 16th to August 8th.

The first session offers over 50 courses for students both online as well as on campus. The second and third session will offer over 35 courses both online and on campus.

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