Freshman Day of Service

The Freshman Day of Service will take place on April 21st from 9a.m. to 1p.m. at the South End Business District. This is a great opportunity to get community service hours by joining Niagara University’s commitment to the revitalization of Niagara Falls.

Although this community service is titled “Freshman” day of service, it is inclusive and open to students of all years at Niagara.  Students receive free t-shirts and transportation to the event through NU.  In addition to this there is a tailgate right after the event where food will be provided. This is a convenient way to get the community service hours that you may need for a club, sport, or class.

Niagara University offers the Freshman Day of Service each year, right around Earth Day. This goes along with the theme of revitalizing the Niagara Falls area, helping out the environment and bringing to life the surrounding area of NU, each year having a slightly different and unique activity. This cleanup is meant for students to get involved, as well as for residents see that the University is committed to helping restore the area.

This also ties back to the university’s commitment to improve communities’ around the Niagara Falls area, pertaining to housing, businesses and the economy in general.

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