Farewell senior editors

By: Nina Grenga


“Time stops for nobody,” is a lesson I’ve learned all too well and while the last few weeks have been bittersweet, the joy of what we’ve accomplished at this university has been outstanding. The passion that we have for giving students a platform to speak, a platform to communicate, a platform to have a voice… has always been our goal. We strive to assure this everyday despite our deepest struggles. My hope is that future editors and writers, will take what they’ve learned from the Niagara Wire and apply it to all aspects of their lives. To question motives, to support others’ ability to fight for what’s right, to give factual information and well written pieces that substantiate the lives of all students, faculty, and staff at Niagara University. What we have created is just the beginning. It holds people accountable, it brings people together, and hopefully it continues to create a community of people that understand the place they call home. – Gabrielle Jackson, Editor-In-Chief (Opinions Editor)


Four years ago Gabi, James, Ferrah, Emily and I were just four freshman who spent our time playing video games, messing around with our friends, going to parties and dreading 8 semesters of seemingly pointless work. When we realized that our peers didn’t have an open platform to share their thoughts and opinions, our mindset quickly changed and next month we can graduate contently knowing that we’ve left a lasting impact on NU. The Wire has given us and a number of our staff members a place to bond, learn and grow. Over the last four years we also hope we’ve been able to create a sense of community for others at NU who’ve felt like their voices weren’t being heard or just needed a place to hash out their issues. We’ll walk the stage with pride knowing that our little community now has a student produced platform to grow closer together. -Matthew Vizzi, Editor-In-Chief (News Editor)


ferrahsenior5“Starting college, I always knew I wanted to make a statement. This led me to stay involved on campus whether it be in clubs, attending events or just going out my way to help others. My awakening came when I got my first taste of activism in the Black Student Union; something that has made me into the person I am today. Then, the Wire came along. I had never thought I would become a part of a newspaper, let alone want to. To my surprise, it has be- come apart of my legacy I hope to leave behind along with some great friends that shared the same goal of giving students a voice. The Wire has shown me that you never know what God has store for you and what direction he will lead. It has challenged me mentally and emotionally while simultaneously fulfilling a part of me that I never knew existed. I will forever be a voice for the voiceless and encourage others to stand up for what they believe in.”

– Ferrah Staley, Entertainment Editor

finalemily“To be a part of the Niagara Wire has truly been an outstanding experience. It’s given myself, and many other students on this campus, a voice. The Wire has taught me to think critically, to collaborate with others, and face hardship head on. It’s been an honor to help facilitate a dialogue within this community and to showcase the talent that lies here. I am convinced there is no better way to learn than to fully submerge yourself,and the Wire allowed me to do just that. As I prepare to leave I am confident in my ability because of the opportunities I’ve been given here. The days I had here I will surely remember forever and for that I am grateful.” – Emily Parisi, Managing Editor


“As a freshman, the identity as “#ThomasBurns’ son followed closer than my shadow. If you told me then that I would make a name for myself as a journalist, videographer and public relations specialist, I would’ve said you’re crazy. For the last three semesters, I’ve been spoiled with unbelievably talented sports writers, extremely motivated editors and an adviser who was as guiding as she was willing to let us do whatever we wanted. I consider myself lucky having something so hard to walk away from. I feelcon dent that the sta coming after us will help the Wire be everythingwe wanted it to be and more and for that, I consider myself one of the luckiest people in the world.” – James Burns, Senior Sports Editor

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