Exam Anxieties


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Anxiety is a feeling that many people face when it comes to an event or an outcome. We experience anxiety because we naturally have a fear of failure. With exam season slowly creeping up on us, exams can take a toll on our mental aptitude and peace of mind. Whether it is not knowing what to write, what answer to choose, or we know the information but we draw a blank because we’re nervous.  Believe it or not this is common amongst all college students, however there are many ways to tackle exam anxieties effectively, here’s 5 ways you can avoid anxiety before an exam.

Having a healthy physical and mental state is crucial to tackling test anxiety, before studying your notes try to eat a low fat, high protein snack for example Greek yogurt. This kind of snack is great before you study because you will obtain energy without feeling like you have to crash after a couple hours.

Staying up the night before an exam cramming sounds appealing when procrastination hits, however cramming leads to pulling all-nighters and lack of sleep leaves your brain exhausted as well as encourages caffeine intake which is setting you up for a crash.

Exercising can decrease anxiety as well, getting a light workout in everyday allows you to ease your mind a bit by focusing on something other than schoolwork. Endorphins are a group of hormones within the brain, getting a little exercise everyday will increase endorphins causing you to be happier and less stressed.

Keeping calm the day of the test is a soothing remedy for anxiety, start off by setting the tone for your day. When you wake up take deep breaths and say positive thoughts to yourself instilling confidence into yourself. Avoid talking to classmates the day of the exam cause hearing another classmate’s opinion on the exam can make you feel a false insecurity about the way you prepared.

Treat yourself after the exam, whatever you enjoy whether it is a delicious treat, or maybe a bit of retail therapy, playing your favorite sport, or just Netflix and chilling. Rewarding yourself is important because having a prize at the end of the road is motivating and you can learn to appreciate the process more.

Don’t let this exam season be disappointing, if you take a few extra steps in preparing your results will be more satisfying. Exam anxiety is inevitable for some, however there is no harm in learning how to keep it under control.


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