Drake’s Video Nice For What: Insider POV Jasmine Collins

On April 6, Drake debuted ‘Nice For What’, a record contributing to the groundbreaking women’s movement that has been taking the world by storm. This single is an ode to women, a message expressing that they don’t need to be nice to men even after a man has done them wrong or treated them badly. Along with the song, Drake also released a music video that pushes the message in the song full steam ahead. The video consists of heavily powerful and influential women in the entertainment industry today; including, a young women named Jasmine Collins, an aspiring model from Arizona.

jasmine collins
Jasmine Collins and Syd on set of Drake’s ‘Nice For What’ music video shoot. (Via Instagram @Jasmineecollins)

Collins found out she got the job when she received a call from her agent, Tim O’Shea, and she was beyond thrilled to discover that she would be taking part in her first music video shoot for perhaps one of the biggest artist in the music industry today. Already being a huge fan of Drake, it was an honor for her to particulate in the music video for such an influential song.  For anyone this opportunity would be nerve wracking; However, Collins describes the environment as very welcoming.

“The environment on set was so fun, with so many sweet and genuine people. I honestly felt like a celebrity.” says Collins.

Specifically, she shot with an indie singer who goes by the stage name Syd. She’s apart of a popular underground group called ‘The Internet”, she also launched her first solo album Fin in early February of 2017. In this particular scene featuring Collins and Syd, Collins is seen laying down with her head resting on Syd’s lap, as they sit on a building overlooking the city lights.

“Syd is amazing, she’s very sweet, down to earth and her vibe is really chill. We really vibed and had such a good time on set, like we’ve known each other for years.” Collins says.

However, it was the central theme of the single that made Collins appreciate the video and song in it’s entirety. She expresses how it’s a call to action for women, to know what they are worth, and to not stand for anything less.

“Us women do so much period and we deserve the appreciation because we do so much and ask for so little. This new song is definitely a theme song!” says Collins, she adds onto this by talking about what the song means to her and it’s impact on the women’s movement that’s occurring in our society today. “… This song is empowering to women and shows how much appreciation and respect we deserve we don’t need to be nice to for what??”


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