Diving Deeper into NU’s Recycling

by, Corey Nash & Alex Bock

Niagara University, NY.- How many students can positively say they recycle all the time? Even if you do, how many can guarantee that your can or bottle is going to get recycled? Recently, word has been spreading across campus about Niagara’s recycling habits. While there are a bunch of Recycling bins all around, how many are actually being used to recycle? With Niagara being just down the road from a large landfill, we can understand how students and staff are questioning the removal of waste on campus.

The main concern with the recycling is that the recycling bins are just a separate trash can. Even though there are two bins, both are still going to be sent to the landfill. Students are making it clear that they want Niagara staff members to show concerns as well. David Reilly, Chair of the department of Political Science, thinks that there are serious problems that need to be address. “I have never seen an actual recycling bin on campus.” Reilly said. “Administration needs to take the lead on this.”

Professor Reilly addresses that administration should have to acknowledge the Star Agreement. The Star Agreement is a way that Niagara uses to track how they’re doing in certain areas. This would also tie into the “request for proposal”, where administration would be confirming the terms on what the actual process of recycling is. Dr. Reilly made mention that Niagara is not doing so well in the recycling category of the stars agreement.

We can all take the next step everyday and try to recycle and by doing this we are showing administration how important going Green is to the community. With these important steps being taken, we can only hope to see change in the campus community sooner than later.

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