Advocate. Advance. Achieve: Meet the new student-body President


NIAGARA UNIVERSITY, N.Y. – “I am willing do everything in my power to ensure inclusivity and advocacy, so let’s dedicate ourselves, as a whole, to making real change on this campus next year and for many years to come.” These are the inspired and devoted words of Niagara University’s student-body President-elect Cheyenne Freely.

With the academic year coming to a close, the time has come and gone to choose a new student-body President to represent and lead the students of NU. On Friday, April 6, students chose Freely as their next leader.

Freely is a junior political science major with plans to attend law school after completing her undergraduate degree next May. She currently holds a position as Co-Vice President of the Pre-Law Association, is a member of the Mock Trial team, Delta Epsilon Sigma, the President’s Honor Society and Sigma Alpha Sigma, and is now the student-body President-elect.

Freely began her participation in the NUSGA as a Senator during her freshman year, and has continued to advance her position in student government with each passing year.

“Every year I was more confident in my abilities to represent the Class of 2019. This year, I came to the realization that I had all of these ideas that I felt would better the campus community as a whole, and given my prior experiences in NUSGA I knew I had the ability to implement these changes through a successful Student Body’s Presidency,” said Freely when asked why she decided to run for President.

Throughout her campaign, Freely focused heavily on her plans for student advocacy which includes adding a Diversity Chair position to her cabinet.  This position would work closely with the Office of Multicultural Affairs and various social justice groups on campus to provide inclusivity and equal representation of all members of the NU community.

In addition to her Diversity Chair, Freely would also like to begin having NUSGA host Town Hall meetings, and she plans to launch what she calls “The Legacy Project.”

“[The Legacy Project] would encourage the delegations and cabinet to adopt one-year advocacy projects to resolve or improve any issues on campus or within the community,” said Freely.

Freely’s main goal during her Presidency is to encourage efficient and effective dialogue between NUSGA, the student body and administration by laying a solid foundation within student government that productively solves campus issues.

In the words of the new student-body President, “now, it is my turn to support the student body as YOUR voice.”

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