NU Alliance host a Poetry Event

By: Corey Nash

NIAGARA UNIVERSITY, NY.- Niagara University has a large number of clubs and organizations on campus that work closely with connecting students.

On Wednesday April 18th, NU Alliance presented, “Awesome People Saying Awesome Things”. The poetry event was ran by Marie Gruszcynski and Alex Bush, who both shared poetry pieces of their own. While majority of the students and staff that attended the event only expected to hear written pieces, they also received a performance by Soar Throats. Soar Throats, opened the event singing, Hallelujah. Followed by their performance was a long list of students that conquered their fears of public speaking. A number of students went one by one sharing their work.

One student that shared her work that night was Emily Leffler. “It was just a positive environment to share in.” Leffler said. “I felt super comfortable and would totally do it again.”

While the event was organized and lead by students, the group also had some assistance from staff as well. Dr. Bertland & Professor Hope Russell worked closely with NU Alliance to put the event together. This was not the first time the group held a poetry reading and they are looking forward to doing it again in future semesters.

NU Alliance is group that works closely with students to bring them together as a community within the University policy, Catholic and Vincentian values. The group has been apart of campus clubs and organizations since the 2009 school year. Their most recent efforts have been trying to bring neutral dorms all across campus. The group has found success in this area for the Varsity Village housing.

NU Alliance hopes to continue to grow amongst the campus community.

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