Midnight Sun hits theatres

By Brittany Rosso

Source: midnightsunmov.com

NIAGARA UNIVERSITY, N.Y.- Midnight Sun is the romance movie millennial’s have been waiting for, it’s the romance movie we have been missing since the 2010 hit romance film “The Last Song.” This film was truly one of a kind. Its unique emphasis on the relationships and exposure of all feelings between the characters keeps audiences captivated throughout, meanwhile you are brought through an emotional roller coaster alongside the main character Katie as she and her friends and family endure the difficulties and challenges of her rare disease.


Katie lives a very different lifestyle than most teenage girls. She grew up with a disease called XP, or Xeroderma pigmentosum, a rare genetic disorder of DNA repair in which the ability to repair damage caused by ultraviolet light is deficient. This condition has prevented her from being able to experience going out in the sunlight, affecting her entire life. She was unable to do the ordinary things that she had watched others do for years out her bedroom window, behind special sun blocking glass, longingly wishing she could do the same.


She struggled to make friends because of her condition, and was even teased during her childhood that she was some sort of vampire. Though most of the children thought she was weird, one of them decided to stick around, even if it meant only in the night time. This character, her best friend Morgan, plays a role as her support system alongside her loving father Mark. When Katie was a child, her mother had also passed away in a car accident. This allowed her to grow extremely close with her father as he homeschooled her, took on motherly duties and did his absolute best to assure that she was as happy and healthy she could be, even in the darkness. Through the portrayal of XP, audiences also have the opportunity to learn about the disease.


Another unique aspect to the movie is the emphasis on the father-daughter relationship. Unlike other films, it openly exposes the feelings Katie’s dad encounters throughout the film, disregarding the societal expectations of men. Often times, his perhaps “weak” side is revealed, showing that men do in fact have those emotions.

The groundbreaking climax of the movie hits when Katie unexpectedly meets her biggest lifelong crush, Charlie, the boy she has been watching skate past her window from the fifth grade until her senior year in high school(not to mention, he is absolutely flawless). The included bit of awkwardness and humor allows audiences to easily relate to that first moment, drawing them into the relationship as it develops throughout the film right from the beginning. Katie and Charlie’s relationship is filled with the mushy gushy romance most people dream of. The special dates, the overly romantic gestures, and everything in between. The film takes audiences alongside Katie through the magical moments she has with Charlie and her best friend Morgan.


If you’re looking for a romance movie filled with emotion and a kick of humor, this is a great choice. You will truly feel the characters emotions within yourself as you kick back and sink into the film. Be prepared for a beautiful story led by an emotional rollercoaster, filled with relatability and romance.

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