Logic brings the heat with Bobby Tarantino II

by: Katherine Snyder

Famous rapper Logic released his most recent mixtape, Bobby Tarantino II on March 9, 2018. This mixtape is a follow up from his previous mixtape “Bobby Tarantino” which was released in July of 2016. Bobby Tarantino II had three lead up singles off of the mixtape, “Overnight,” “Everyday” in collaboration with EDM artist, Marshmello, and “44 More,” which were all released within 7 days prior to the mixtape’s release. It also includes features from Big Sean, Wiz Khalifa, and 2 Chainz.

This follow up mixtape was announced in a very fun and playful way, in which Logic recruited the two main characters from the popular Adult Swim show, “Rick and Morty” and made them into a YouTube video announcing the release. The first track on the mixtape, “Grandpa’s Space Ship” is the song rendition of the YouTube video that was created for the announcement. Another fun fact is that his song “44 More” is also a follow up from his previous song on Bobby Tarantino, “44 Bars,” which detailed about his struggles, while “44 More” talks about his family troubles, doubts in the industry, and his current position in the rap game.

The entire mixtape itself is very diverse in topics ranging from his success in the rap industry as well as his struggles with it, his hard work and dedication to reach where he has gotten to today, his growing fan base, “beef” with other rappers and also his mental and family struggles. However, he is able to get his point across in all his songs as to what he wants to portray to his audience.

Spotlighting his most popular song on the mixtape, “Everyday” in collaboration with EDM artist, Marshmello, is a song about Logic staying committed to his music and never letting his true fans down. The song conveys a very positive message that you should never give up, work hard every day and success will come to you. Logic usually likes to convey strong messages in his songs, just like with his previously popular song “1-800-273-8255” which raised suicide awareness in teens and actually proven decreased the suicide rate in teens since the song’s release.

Overall, his new mixtape was a great follow up to Bobby Tarantino. It conveys his talent in rapping, as well as his willpower to contain the strong and empowering messages in his music. Hopefully, we see more like this from him in the future!




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