The 2018 spring presidential debate !

By, Alex Bock and Corey Nash

Niagara University, NY- On March 22, students got a chance to hear from the candidates running for Student body President, and make their decisions as to who they believe is best fit to be in charge.

And it did not disappoint one bit, as Cheyenne Freely, Zack Recckio, and Christian Webster all presented their thoughts and ideas as to why they feel they are best equipped to be President.

Freely, a rising Senior, emphasized the importance of maintaining a sense of community around the University, and how we should all be working together to make that happen. She also states that she wants NUSGA to use money in ways that will strengthen the NU community. Freely would also like to see a full plan put together where students and staff can be prepared in the case of an active shooter.

“The Vincentian Mission is about service to others and building each other up” Freely stated. “I am dedicated to giving students a voice. We are giving money back to the campus community”.

These points made by Freely certainly helped prove her case, but it was certainly met with some competitive arguments from the other two candidates.

Recckio, also a rising senior, provided listeners with an argument that he will always be there to offer guidance to students, as well as encourage to bring forth new ideas on how to improve the campus community. Recckio would also like to help promote club sports and hopes that other students will get out to support as well.

“I want students to feel comfortable sharing ideas and concerns with me” Recckio explained.

That’s always a comfortable feeling when you have someone in charge who cares that much about the student body, and certainly an admirable trait in a Presidential candidate.

While Webster, a rising sophomore, was the youngest and most inexperienced candidate, he shared with listeners that he loves the one-on-one attention from professors and administrators alike. Webster’s main focus is to make students aware of the all the resources Niagara can or will offer in their time as a PurpleEagle.

“I love the feeling of teachers actually caring about the students” Webster mentioned.

The ending of the debate, offered students a chance to ask the candidates personal questions pertaining to both on campus topics and in the local area as well.

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