NU’s Got Talent

By Corey Nash and Nora Klinowski

Winner Caleb Paxton


NIAGARA UNIVERSITY, NY– For NU students, the favorite night of the year comes around mid March, specifically right after spring break. Niagara’s Got Talent is a night that students come out to see their fellow classmates perform their hidden talents. The talent show is a fan favorite each semester throughout the school year and students find it as a great way to just relax and hangout with friends.

Students can come and perform any type of talent they have, and each act receives ten dollars for performing at all. The winner receives $500, second place receives $300, and third place receives $200. These performances range from singing, to playing instruments, dancing, comedy, or even beat boxing. This year, most of the contestant’s performances were based in music.

K-Pop Dance Group

This years winner was Caleb Paxton who captivated the crowd with his singing. There was an instant change in the mood of the crowd when he took the stage. His big voice left the audience in awe. Taking second place was Julia Gellman who sang “At Last”, by Etta James, a song the whole crowd could sing along to. Singer Gina Brown performed a heartfelt original song she wrote based on the Florida shooting, and on other people close to her she has lost. This song was emotional and truly moved the crowd.

Julia Gellman

One unique performer, Andrew Salamore placed third with his beat boxing skills.

“I started beat boxing when I was around 12, and it just became a habit after that,” says Salamore. He continued, “I learned how to make a beat in the back of my throat while also producing one in the front. This allowed me to do any song I wanted.”

Andrew Salamore

This year’s hosts were Jaclyn Danvir and Maddy Dallesandro, and the judges were all faculty members. This event is known for a lot of excitement like, giving out t shirts, having guest performances by Soar Throats, the Dance Line as well as the announcement for the spring concert. The artist coming to Monteagle Ridge this year will be B.O.B, who is rapper well known for his song, Airplanes.

Niagara’s Got Talent happens twice a year, once each semester, and will be back next fall.

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