What’s NU with NUSGA?


Photo by Andrew Emmons.

By Stephanie Rosso

Niagara University Student Government Association (NUSGA) has been busy the past year making big changes and improvements for the Niagara University community. In the fall, NUSGA created a one-year plan. The list includes improvements and ideas for all areas of the university.

In September NUSGA held the grand opening for a new addition to campus, the NU fire pit. The inclusive space is located behind Dunleavy Hall and is free for all students, residents or commuters to use. Since its opening, the NU fire pit has been used over 200 times per week, according to the NUSGA student body president Andrew Hayes.

NUSGA heard students’ voices regarding the club and organization dues and worked alongside administration to make changes to the pressing topic. The club/ organization dues have been dropped from it’s previous $15 to $10 per club/organization. In addition to club/organization dues, NUSGA also has been working to change the way service hours are completed. This semester, ten clubs are testing out the new IMPACT program which is planned to be in full effect by the fall semester. The IMPACT program will allow the club/organization to use their talents and passions to serve the local community in a group project base.

NUGSA has also been working with Metz and administration to improve the food service in the Russell J. Salvatore Dining Commons and the Gallagher Center. Specifically the quality of food and hours of service. Since the town hall meeting with Metz, administration and NUSGA members in February, noticeable improvements have been implemented in both locations. Hayes added that the project with Metz is ongoing and more changes will be coming. 

Part of NUSGA’s one-year plan was to make the NUSGA office an inclusive space for all students. Hayes says “This is not just the NUSGA office. This is the students’ office to do homework, print off homework, to interact with us and be comfortable to tell us what your concerns are on campus so we can fix it.”

The freshman and sophomore delegations have been working with Dean of Students, Jason Jakubowski, to place ice machines into residence halls. The machines will be on each floor and have 4 lb. ice bags inside.

For more information about NUSGA and their one-year plan, visit the NUSGA office in Lower Level Gallagher Center.

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